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Get to Know The Yoga Bird

A B O U T  M E

Life is too short to wonder if you should be doing something different with it. Sometimes you have got to follow that feeling in your heart and go for it and that is how The Yoga Bird came about. Having worked in the corporate world for 18 years, it became apparent that it was time for a change.

Nowadays everyone comes under increased stresses including our children, however it is so important that we all take time to stop, move as well as listen to our bodies and calm our minds. This is vital during pregnancy and is so beneficial to babies, children and adults alike. It is amazing to watch young ones discover and explore the fun they can have through movement and exploring their breath.


Why The Yoga Bird? Exercise should be fun, you should look forward to it and that is what a Yoga Bird class stands for.


I will not be in class or on social media posting difficult poses of me to try to impress you, I mean some poses are very impressive and if you can do them, then that's great but I do like to keep it real in class.

Keeping it real.

I want you to have fun but to achieve what you set for yourself to achieve - so if that's attend a class - well good on you for showing up, if its touch your toes - well let's just start where you are at today and watch your progression. There is never any pressure from me, we are all different and we go at our own pace.

Helping You.

All my classes will always finish with a lovely relaxation and what adult doesn't love that bit of the class when you are given permission to release, relax and let go!

Vicky Bird


Family Yoga Meditation

Vicky is absolutely fantastic! She comes to my house privately as I am unable to make any of her pregnancy yoga classes. She is full of different options for breathing, positions and exercises for you to chose from to suit you best. She covers a whole range of elements from prenatal to labour and also post-natal care.

She is great fun, super approachable, loves my springer spaniel who even joins in doing the stretches, or kisses our faces during poses (!!) and is super flexible to meet your specific needs. She also sends me a break down of everything we have covered from the session so I can get practising in between our lessons.

She really is a lovely yoga teacher and makes me feel much more confident about going into labour.

Thank you Vicky! - Hannah

 The Yoga Bird Approach 

Breathe, Move, Smile, Relax and Repeat 

Babies, toddler, children and adults can all benefit from yoga. The lessons are always fun with the main aim to ensure that everyone enjoys them, so come and give a class a try.



Partner yoga with family members
Family partner yoga
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