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Online Classes

Movement at anytime

So things have changed somewhat and we can't all get out and about to classes - don't worry let the classes come to you. These are pre-recorded classes that you can do in your own time, as and when it is convenient for you.


Two Parent and Baby Yoga 5 week courses. One for young babies from 6 weeks old and one for older babies from 4.5 months old. Each one is around 1 hour long and has mummy yoga time, baby stretches, song time and relaxation.  In the younger baby course we look at how we can help babies through any struggles with colic, wind, digestion and teething.

£30 per course.

Watch the classes again and again.  

Storytime Yoga - Parent and toddler yoga session - these are fun classes for you to do with your toddler either before bedtime or anytime and once you have the videos you can watch again and again. 

£3.00 per class

Pregnant Yoga

10 x 40 minute pregnancy yoga classes are available online suitable to those who are 16 weeks pregnant. These gentle yoga moves enable you to keep moving during your pregnancy, giving you breathing exercises you can use during pregnancy and labour as well as telling you good positions for labour and birthing throughout the course.

£45 for the 10 lessons.

Watch the lessons again and again.  

Please contact me to get access to any of these videos

All for complete yoga beginners!

Hope to add more videos soon!

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