Mindful movement for all

Whether you are an expectant mum, a new mum, a school looking for a different P.E. lesson or a family wanting to exercise together. The Yoga Bird offers a variety of classes to suit your needs.


Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga


A friendly antenatal exercise class for expectant mums helping you to connect and enjoy your pregnancy through movement, breathing and relaxation.  Each course also incorporates a birthing workshop.

Pregnancy Yoga is offered as private one to one classes. For more details please contact me.

10 x 40 minute prenatal classes available online - Please contact me for details.

Paren and baby yoga

Parent and Baby Yoga

From 6 week old to 9 month olds

Share a gentle, relaxed exercise programme with your baby. This class helps the mothers to stretch,  strengthen and re-energise as well as gently stretching baby, encouraging baby's development through tactile stimulation, improving physical development and helping with sleep. 

Parent and baby classes are held in group sessions or can be done as private one to one classes. 


New Term Starting at Emersons Green Village Hall, 5th November, 5 weeks, £36 - 11.15am - 12.05pm (50 minute class).  All classes adher to strict Covid policies and procedures.  NOW ONLINE VIA ZOOM

Family, Children's yoga

Family Yoga

All ages welcome but only charge from 2 years upwards

Fun and energetic class that allows the whole family to join in exercising together. Its a brilliant way to connect and bond with your family or as a couple.

Please contact me if you are interested in attending this class. 



Parent and Toddler yoga

Parent and Toddler Yoga 18 months to 4 years

These are fun, interactive themed classes which offer a great way for parents to exercise and engage with their child. The class develops body awareness, promotes physical strength, balance and co-ordination as well as giving them tools to relax and calm down.  These are the classes that can be done in nursery settings. 

These classes work well in pre school settings. 


Online Storytime Yoga £2.50 a class you can do with your toddler again and again.  

Please contact if your nursery setting would be interested in a one off class or a term booking. 

Chidren's Yoga

Children's Yoga

5 - 12 years

Children nowadays are under a lot of stress, yoga gives them a chance to stop, connect to their bodies, build strength, flexibility and improve focus as well as teaching them how to breathe to calm themselves down and to relax but above all have fun doing it. These classes can be themed to offer escapism or be tailored to your requirements or to the school's curriculum. 

Children's yoga can be offered as a one off class, term school time bookings or an after school club. 

Please contact if your setting would be interested in finding out more information. 


Movement 4 Menopause


These classes support ladies going through perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause stages of their lives through stretches and movement. The class comprises of balances and stretches, core and strength training, movement as well as relaxation.  Although focussing on women, men can attend the class too.

Classes are currently on hold.