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Birthing's Ultimate Management Programme

only £35

All mothers-to-be want to have an enjoyable birthing experience and sadly many believe that that is simply not possible but that is just not the case. You can have an enjoyable birthing experience and this comprehensive course is designed to empower you so that you can be confident, relaxed and calm during birth. Your breath is one of the most healing and cleansing tools you have at your disposal, and this course will guide you on how to use your breath along with movements to help support you and manage the sensations you feel during labour. Movement is key throughout your pregnancy, and as well as specific guidance for birthing, this course you will also enlighten you with simple movement sequences you can do using a birthing ball, chair or wall that will allow you to engage, strengthen and stretch safely whilst feeling fully supported. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the necessary tools and skills to labour and give birth naturally should you wish and if medical circumstances allow.   Using the techniques I now teach, I was able to achieve 3 home births with no drugs or pain relief.


Who is it for:

  • Any pregnant lady who wants to empower herself with tools to help through her child birthing experience.

  • Any pregnant lady who may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of labour and wants to look forward and not fear this part of the whole pregnancy experience.

  • Any pregnant ladies and couples/birthing partners who are willing to open up to a new way of thinking and approaching child birth using proven effective tools enabling the birthing partners to feel confident with what they can do to help.

What you get:

  • You will be guided through a series of 12 different and comprehensive topics per day with inspiring follow along videos you can do at home at any time, that are suitable for any pregnant lady at any fitness level.

  • In total there are over 5.5 hours of video and audio for you to watch as and when you can with all the links attached in a 39 page Ebook. You can either do this course in 12 days or take your time.

  •  This course will give you the tools to stay in control and offer you options for your birthing experience to be as wonderful as possible.

How does it work?

Starting today, once you have registered and paid for the course, you will receive the Ebook and all the links to the videos.  It is recommended that you do each chapter one day at a time or one week at a time depending on how much time you have. The Ebook is yours to keep but please do not forward this onto anyone as this course is registered just to you, you can watch the videos as many times as you like, so you will be able to refer back to any days that you want to redo.


£35 total.


Equipment you will need

  • Mat

  • Exercise ball

  • Chair

  • Access to wall space

What people are saying

Just want to say a big thank you for all your support Vicky. The course was fab and really helped me. Despite having a c section in the end it helped me stay calm in the operating room and of course helped me focus the final few weeks on my own health and well being.  I loved the fact I could do it in my own time and was a structured course that I could keep repeating as well as the fact that you were on hand to offer further support. Thank you. Highly recommended. Xxx


I found Vicky's calm approach to be very helpful and made me focus on the things that are important and I now feel good about the upcoming birth.'

'I discovered this course by accident and wasn't sure at first whether to go ahead and purchase but I am so glad I did - the whole Ebook was well put together, helpful and encouraging. Thank you so much Vicky!'

‘I have loved every minute of Vicky's videos - it has helped me and my partner in so many ways. I just wished I had these for my first child.' 

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